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Introducing BOOKNSALE Estates, a leading real estate enterprise headquartered in Lucknow, renowned for its stellar reputation in property promotion, development, and management. At BookNSALE Estates, we specialize in curating exceptional residential experiences, offering a diverse portfolio of properties including premium plots, contemporary row houses, upscale apartments, and comprehensive land promoting services. Our company is highly esteemed for its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and reliable service delivery. Clients consistently praise our offerings for their consistency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timely project completion. We prioritize providing our clients with comprehensive information and support, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout their journey with us.

Our Mission & Vission

At BOOKNSALE Estates, our mission is to redefine the real estate experience by consistently delivering exceptional properties and services that exceed our clients' expectations.
Our vision at BookNSALE Estates is to be the preferred choice for discerning individuals and investors seeking unparalleled real estate solutions in Lucknow and beyond.


Direct plot selling refers to the process of selling land or plots directly to buyers without involving intermediaries such as real estate agents or brokers. This approach is commonly seen in various real estate markets, especially in areas where land development is ongoing or where individual landowners wish to sell their properties independently.

In direct plot selling:

Owner Interaction: The owner of the land or plot directly interacts with potential buyers, showcasing the property, negotiating prices, and finalizing the sale.

Marketing: Owners may use various marketing channels to promote their plots, including online listings, social media, word of mouth, and signage on the property itself.

Legal Processes: Both parties typically handle legal processes such as documentation, title transfer, and payment arrangements independently or with the assistance of legal professionals.

Cost Savings: Direct plot selling can sometimes result in cost savings for both the seller and the buyer since there are no brokerage fees or commissions involved.

Risk and Challenges: However, there are also risks and challenges associated with direct plot selling, including the potential lack of expertise in marketing and negotiating for the seller, and the need for buyers to conduct thorough due diligence on the property's legal status, zoning regulations, and other factors.

Trust and Transparency: Building trust and ensuring transparency in the transaction process is crucial for successful direct plot selling. Clear communication, honesty about the property's condition and features, and fair pricing are essential elements.


"Book and sale" is a method used in real estate transactions where properties are sold through a process similar to an auction. Here are some reasons why someone might choose this method:

Efficiency: Book and sale can be a relatively quick way to sell properties. The process typically involves setting a fixed timeframe for interested buyers to submit their bids, followed by a quick review and acceptance of the highest bid.

Transparency: The book and sale process can provide transparency to both buyers and sellers. All interested parties have access to the same information about the property and the bidding process, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes.

Fair Market Value: Since properties are sold to the highest bidder, book and sale can help ensure that sellers receive fair market value for their properties. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where there is high demand for the property or when the seller wants to maximize their returns.

Competition: The competitive nature of the book and sale process can attract more potential buyers and lead to higher offers. Buyers may feel motivated to submit their best bids to outbid competitors, especially if they are interested in acquiring the property.

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